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Backed by more than 10 years of experience with turbochargers and injectors, our team have the knowledge to help you easily identify your turbo. Requiring specific information relating to your vehicle data, our technical sales staff are ready to assist you.

Diagnosing Various Faults

Most issues with turbochargers are most likely to be problems with the engine, however we are always here to help you to diagnose faults with your turbo. Using only products of the highest quality, your turbocharger issues are sure to be solved in next to no time.

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Avoid component failure or malfunction with assistance from the knowledgeable specialists at TURBO SPEED. Here is our handy fitting guide to help you successfully install your vehicle’s new turbocharger and save you valuable time and money.

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About Us

Boost the efficiency and performance of your vehicle with the help of our knowledgeable turbo specialists. At TURBO SPEED, we excel in turbocharger replacements, reconditioning, and rebuilds, and are able to repair your existing turbo or supply a reconditioned product without any hassle.
Since 2012, our team has specialised in comprehensive turbo repairs along with work involving fuel injectors, high-pressure pumps, and air compressors for lorries and buses, all for competitive prices.

Providing a nationwide service with depots in Bedford and Peterborough, all turbo reconditioning work is carried out professionally by our team of experienced engineers and technicians. Although our work is completed to meet manufacturers’ specifications, our engineers regularly exceed the original tolerances by utilising the latest VSR machinery.

Contact our reliable turbo specialists for a wide range of products repairs, supplies, and maintenance.

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